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Lilac Cottage Teapot and Evergreen Branches

Angel Watercolor

Hummingbird Watercolor

Skunk Harbor Lake Tahoe Hike and Mardi Gras Watercolor

Watercolour Tulips, Ocean View and Wrapping Paper

Vintage Knife and Blue Leaves

A Visit to NOLA

Grantsville Ghost Town and Middlegate

Pomegranate Fruit Watercolor

Green Grapes Sketch

Personal Items Still Life Sketch

Cross Hatch Bottles Pencil Sketch

Fruit Contour Drawing and Crayons

Drawing from the Mind Painting from the Heart

Nasturtium Colored Pencil Sketch

Button Jar Sketch

Leaves and Berries Sketch

Basil Watercolor Sketch

Blue Jar Nasturtium Leaf Sketch

Vintage Glass Bottle Stoppers Sketch

Scrapbooking Paper and Coreopsis Sketch

Hammer Head and Green Tomato

Very Thin Slices of Apple

Oyster Shells and the Oregon Coast

Garden Tomato Drawings