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Balsam, Bison, Barns Drawings Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen

This is another view of Vesty's Ranch near where I live and like to ride my bike.  When I took this photo, the alfalfa was in bloom, and it was before new  owners moved in and made changes.  For the foreground I used masking to preserve some white spaces for some lighter shades of purple in the flowers. I like being able to see those tiny purple flowers in the field of deep green.  Click here for details of Barns on a Farm poster Yellowstone bison.   I believe most people know to keep their distance . . . We are visiting their home. Click here for Bison Grazing in Deadwood Forest poster details We like to go out to Leadville in the spring around Mother's Day to see the wildflowers.  Some years there are big fields of balsam.   The drive out there is nice and you go right by the Black Rock Desert area where they hold Burning Man. I may have mentioned this before, but I'm really impressed with how immaculate the desert is in that area after all of those people have been there

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