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Seven Troughs, Mazuma, and Flower Bouquets

Exploring the Lovelock area on Veteran's Day. We spent the day out in the Seven Troughs area and stopped at Mazuma first - known for the flash flood in 1912.    There is still an old safe in the  washed out area.  Someone left a dollar inside anchored with a rock. People leave it there. But what if it was a larger bill? Not much to draw at Mazuma other than the landscape. But we stop at Tunnel so I can get some structure sketches in. Tunnel also has one of my favorite cemeteries.  People have decorated  the crosses with beads, coins, and other things that glisten and wink in the sunlight. I'm excited to be offering prints of my different paintings and sketches. I've hung out my shingle to do custom flower bouquets for special occasions.  Click here for custom bouquet painting details  I have a variety of prints available and one of my  favorite collections is the "Cabinet of Curiosities" inspired by unique things people collected in the 16th-17th centuries. Someti

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