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Rainy Day in Dixie Valley

I'm happy to be blogging again to share my photos and illustration projects.   We took a drive out to Dixie Valley just outside of Fallon, Nevada over the weekend.  One of the abandoned places we visited had some TP flying in the wind.  Will you ever reflect back on 2020 and not think of toilet paper?       It was a rainy day and the desert colors were vibrant.   There are natural springs in the area and a variety of ponds with  cattails and other foliage crowded around the borders.   Birds were frantically fluttering since we disturbed their peace.   Several auto pieces and parts were randomly left.  The birds try and build nests  in the dashboards tucking their twigs and such into the openings.  The jockey box in this Ford is still available.  Some cheerful litter that someone will eventually use  for target practice.   About fifty families lived in Dixie Valley and they had their own post office from 1918 to 1933.  It's very quiet out in Dixie Valley now and the area is used

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