Drawing from the Mind Painting from the Heart

I started a twelve week course called "Drawing from the Mind Painting from the Heart" by Annette Carroll Compton.  It's an older book I found at a used book store a while back.  One of the first lessons is "out of mind" drawings using a variety of mediums to see what you like working with the best and to test the imagination.  Drawing things from memory, which I need to practice :)  Above I used a grey marker, a lilac sharpie and a lavender ballpoint pen.    

The next group of drawings were to be done with watercolor to see what drawing with paint was like.  I like the softness of the edges and the overall image, but I like the control of the pen/pencil much better.    

A mind exercise with simple contour lines around a still life.  Definitely a challenge and I found plenty to do to stall before I started this ... :)  but once I began I really enjoyed it and know it's great practice for seeing relationships between things.  Progress for week one!


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