A Visit to NOLA

I was able to go with my husband last week to visit New Orleans (I love the nick name NOLA :) and while he was in classes I toured the city.  I visited the city park and went through the sculpture garden, botanical garden and the museum.  This sculpture was one of my favorites. 

A sculpture of violins was a close second of favorites.  We lucked out with the weather while we were there.  It started to get hot again by the time we left.  It's so beautiful and so very different from what I'm used to! 

A lot of the shops and houses were getting the Halloween decorations out.  Lots of cobwebs, spiders, skeletons and witches.  Halloween must be a blast down there.
I've never seen lily pads so large!  These in the photo aren't as large as some others at the opposite end of this pond.   I liked the mermaid sculpture too.  Lots of scarecrow characters in the gardens that people had made.  Lots of creativity.   

I saw a friendly cemetery cat while exploring Lafayette Cemetery.  Big cats down there.  This guy was big and some others I saw in shop windows were big too.  I have a cat and thought he was big, but not compared to these NOLA cats :)  Hope you have a good week!   


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