Garden Tomato Drawings

 Since it's fresh garden tomato season I wanted to share some products I've found lately that I've added to my wish list. I like the black and white checked pattern with the peppers and tomatoes in this recipe binder.  It would really brighten up the kitchen! 
 Very nice drawing of the tomatoes in this garden sticker.  I can see it on a jar of tomatoes or on a recipe card.  Even a summertime birthday card.  
The graphic illustration in this tomato binder is fantastic.  The water droplet looks so real.  A fun binder for gardeners.   
A cherry tomato and basil print in watercolor and pencil.  Would be really pretty in the kitchen.   

I like this vintage tomato print.  It looks like most of the ingredients for spaghetti sauce.  I think it would be great in a restaurant, an Italian restaurant maybe. 

A photo of my roma tomatoes this morning.  This is my best crop yet! Very excited.  I hope you're tomatoes are growing well too!   


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