Gabbs Nevada Road Trip

Our road trip last weekend was toward Gabbs, Nevada.  We turned off on a couple of dirt roads to look around.  I don't see cactus too often in the desert, so this was a nice surprise.  I still had a little nice morning light when we arrived.    

I've come to like the patterns and prickly nature of the desert plants I see.  They give off good reflections.  This was at a mining site and there were pipes here and there, metal things scattered about and this great red pipe in the ground.  Some color!  

I found this old car kind of a ditch and I could get down to it.  The light reflections were really nice on it.  So much of it was metal, which was nice.  No plastic.

I thought maybe the car was a Plymouth at first, but see the name begins with a D, so not sure.  

I liked this page from a magazine. It talks about change.  I like exploring these areas in the desert.  A lot of times it's like people just decide it's time to go, leave everything but absolute necessities and move on.   

A slanted cabin still upright, but maybe not for long.  We sat in the truck for a bit before getting out to explore this area listening to Janis Joplin sing "Me and Bobby McGee".  I sat next to a guy at a 21 table the other evening who said he'd seen Janis in concert once.  I thought that was neat. 

The top of the cabin.  I liked the shadows and the view of the desert in the distance.

There was an old Kenmore stove with everything metal and pink paint.  I loved the dial on the top.  Every surface that's metal has bullet holes in it out in the desert.  There's always a little fire pit close by and beer cans left by the happy shooters.   

And someone left a smiley face on a hill.  Thought I'd end my post with that.  Hope you have a good weekend.


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