Nasturtium Watercolor, Lake Tahoe Camping, Into the Wild

We took a break and went camping at Lake Tahoe for a few days. We stayed at Fallen Leaf Campground.  Beautiful weather and had a great time.  This is a view from our hike on the Rubicon trail a little past Emerald Bay.   

Along the trail we found a little sandy beach to have our lunch and rest.  The trail was busy and the day was really  nice.  Lots of boats on the water, especially sailboats ~ my favorite.  I'd like to go on one some day.  Need to put that on my bucket list.

The tea house on the island near Vikingsholm. The MS Dixie and Tahoe Queen take their passengers around the island on their route.  That's a fun thing to do too if you visit Tahoe.     

The purple lupines were in bloom all over along with several other wildflowers.  Really colorful right now.  The forests look really healthy and hopefully everyone is being extra careful with campfires and such. 

My first nasturtium bloom in my garden pot.  I planted several nasturtiums, snapdragons and lobelia in my planters this season.  Usually I plant petunias but I wanted something different this year and I'm so glad I changed.  The nasturtiums are so fun and cheerful to look at.  Their leaves are great.
I painted our front tree last week.  I wanted to paint a tree to put on some greeting cards.  I'm still working with it and not sure if I'll use it or not or what type of card it may turn out to be.

I chose this book to read on our camping trip since we'd be out in the wild for a few days.  It's an amazing story and so engrossing I could hardly put it down.  I still don't know what to think of his actions and what happened to him.  I mostly feel it is a sad shame because he was so smart and had so much potential.  Interesting how all consuming an idea or dream can be.  Really good read and highly recommended!    


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