Reno Art Town and Vegetable Greeting Card

July is Art Town in Reno where they have cultural activities, plays and other fun art things going on all month long.  Something for everyone.  Last weekend some artists were opening their studios for walk-in tours so we decided to go.  They refurbished the Riverside Hotel into artist studios and there were a handful of them open on Sunday for viewing.  Lots of variety with landscape acrylic painters, sculpture and a chain maille clothing designer.  She had some halters and bikini or bra-style tops.  We saw a demonstration of how the artist makes chain maille for her items and saw how much work it is!   We saw a shirt made of window screen and a vest made of tin foil (probably my favorite things that I saw).  It was so fun to see how different they all were, their styles and living areas.  Fun, fun.            

The city of Reno has really made a nice river walk along the Truckee River with fountains and tables and fun restaurants.  We saw a couple we'd like to try out! 

Along the river walk is a great sculpture of a fish, I guess it would be a meatless fish.  I loved the bones and the angle of it.  Reno and Sparks have really done some neat decorating over the last few years with sculptures along walkways, the interstate, and bodies of water.  Fun to see it all and enjoy it.   

My garden tomatoes are starting to ripen.  That is the only thing I planted because I want to visit the farmers markets this year.  So I planted lots to draw.  I made a thinking of you greeting card with some of my sketchbook drawings of the garden.  Hope your garden is growing well and you're having a great summer.


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