Farmer's Market Peppers and the evolution of a Drawing

We went to the farmer's market this week and I found these great purple peppers that looked like they had been painted with watercolor so I bought a couple to paint myself and to try.  I've not eaten a purple pepper before.  They're good and taste like a green pepper to me.  I used different mediums just playing around one morning while the sun was rising.   

I was thinking about the evolution of sketches or drawings the other day and have seen other designers, especially fabric designers, make these so I wanted to do one of my own.  I think it's neat to see where the idea originates and what it becomes.  This is one of the few drawings I've done that I've made several things from.   

Probably the first thing I make with a drawing is a greeting card to put in my Greeting Card Universe store and Zazzle shop.  I put the drawing in Photoshop and added the green background.   

Then I thought it might make a nice hand embroidery pattern sewn into a tote bag.  I guess I definitely had a green theme in mind when working with this drawing ~ it wasn't a thought out plan.  

I tried the drawing with the green background on fabric in my Spoonflower shop to see what it looked like and made a little zip pouch from the sample.      


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