August Red Poppies Birth Month Flower

Since tomorrow August begins I thought I'd feature some nice items decorated with the lovely poppy, one of the birth month flowers for August.  I loved this poppy pillow with the burlap background texture and really nice large flowers. 

And for a new bride, this bridal shower invitation featuring a lovely poppy flower bouquet.  You can even see the texture in the flowers!  

If you like stickers, this is a really unique poppy sticker with a background in golden sunset colors.  The artist used colored pencils and did a really nice job.   

I like the white background with this bright red poppy on this phone case really pretty for summer time. 

A poppy greeting card with a bold style illustration.  I like the simplicity about it even though it is a field of flowers.  Nicely done.   

Another simple red poppy design on this t-shirt with a watercolor botanical style drawing.  It looks nice on the white t-shirt option.  


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