Tree Man and Valentine Cards

Last weekend we went to the lake to see how much the water had gone down and explore a little.  The lake was still pretty high and some of the trees were uprooted on the beach, but at least there was some beach now.  Over the summer the lake was so full there wasn't much beach at all.  I walked a bit looking for things to draw and looking at the trees.  I saw this uprooted tree stump that looked like a figure and someone else did too as they had put a pair of sunglasses on it and left them there.  I had to draw him.  I thought he was really neat.     

 I've been working on Valentine's Day cards and felt a little romantic with this one I guess.  Has a vintage feel to it also, like the color of tea stained cloth.  I made another Valentine card with digital elements and it was fun also, but I like working with my own artwork best I guess.  Hoping for snow or some rain here - still seems like spring except for nine degree mornings...  Hope all is well where you are.  


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