Gourd and Cattail Still life with Windflowers

 I set up a little still life in my backyard last fall.  Last weekend I got in a spring yard cleaning mood, since it seems like spring around here, and I threw all my gourds away.   They were beyond their prime.  To commemorate them I wanted to post a little still life I made of them.  I picked some cattails and other seed heads and put them in an old bottle we found in the desert.  The old bottle and cattails are still there.  I need a little something for decoration.  Still hoping for some kind of moisture here in the desert! 
I had windflowers planted a few years ago and
made a study drawing of them.  Their petals are so delicate and only last a day, but then there are more the next day.  They spread happily all over the place.  I think I'd plant them again sometime.   


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