Spring Birds at Stillwater

Stillwater on Saturday driving by the canal
I see this family of geese. Mom leading and 
dad keeping watch from behind. 
My photo taking didn't bother them. 

I spent a couple hours sketching by these
tall wooden units by the canal.
Several people out riding their bikes and taking to the trail 
so it took a while before any birds to show up.
Plenty of coots to begin with.  Then some other waterfowl
and lots of blackbirds. 

Interesting colors in the morning with lots of yellows
with the spring growth. I love to exaggerate the colors
and I've recently been adding plenty of black for drama.
Too many years of being timid with color, done with that.
It's just paper. 

I've been using ink that bleeds to see
what surprises I'll get.  I drew the tall wooden units
in brown ink and it turns burgundy with water. 

These cards are for my Fallon collection
soon to be in my Made in Nevada shop.

Next time I sketch out there I'll head down 
the fox trail to see what birds there are.
The shelter had masses of barn swallows 
and it looks like they've claimed the place 
and are being left to do what they do.

There are nice benches by the water to sit on
and the birds rustle about in the reeds
and I think I'd like drawing a variety of the vantage points
in this area.  



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