Metal Detecting Treasure Sketches


I've been sketching various treasures we see
while exploring in the desert. Many of the nice liquor bottles
are smashed to bits but occasionally we find the stoppers.
I made this sketch into a contact card for a relic hunter.
Click here for glass stopper business card details

I was going through my older sketchbooks to find
other treasures I've sketched over the years. 
I found some glass opium bottles and broken Chinese coins that
I plan to make into a card or maybe a pattern soon. 

Years ago, in Winnemucca they tore down the railroad station building
and some railroad locks were found. 

Above they're done in colored pencil, but I really like 
the pen and ink version. 
And the biscuit cutter my grandmother used for years.
I'm sentimental.

This sketch I wasn't sure if I liked the background but
really like the sketches so we'll see how it does.

Bullet casings from our target shooting, a skill I'm just learning
but feel excellent about gaining.
I have fun thinking up names and business scenarios 
for my cards. Anybody out there named Dave Loon?
Click here for bullet casing business card

I have a goal of trying to draw an ACEO Art Card 
(they are little works of art the size of a business card) 
each day and the treasures are a fun subject to draw.

This business card is decorated with 
vintage suspender clips which are frequently found.
Mitch Brodie is inspired by one of my favorite detectives
Jackson Brodie in novels written by Kate Atkinson

Click here for the suspender clips business card


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