Pine Grove in March

We headed out early Saturday after fueling up at 
the Maverick where I think we got the last stall at that moment.  
Lots of people getting ready to explore on a fine morning
in the northern Nevada desert.  
Our destination was Pine Grove, 
a lovely historical ghost town suburb of Yerington.
I say lovely because there are lots of junipers
and when you step out of the vehicle and brush the branches
the scent is so refreshing.  

Once you reach the canyon, the gravel road continues to ascend for a while.
Finally, you reach the wooden sign and can see rock houses tucked
in the hillsides here and there.  
My favorite cabin is still standing. We've come up here a
handful of times.  More messages on the wall.
I am really happy to say that the people that do come up
here, even though they carve messages in the walls,
they keep everything nice and clean and aren't
tearing down the structures.    

Someone felt quite festive during the holidays 
and put up a Christmas tree in the cabin. 
It is still in really nice condition with the ornaments
and tinsel garland on the branches.   

I hiked up the road a bit and this is the cabin
with the small four stamp mill not too far away. 

It was a windy day so I found a spot in between
some large junipers to paint a sketch of the cabin.

And some of the hills.  I liked the contrast of this
bunch with juniper covered hills, rocky outcrops, and one
hill that was nearly bare and the hazy purple mountains
in the distance. 

Here is another version of the same cabin I sketched
several years ago during the autumn season.




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