National Artichoke Day March 16


National Artichoke Day March 16 
to honor this healthy veg.
Not surprisingly, California grows nearly all 
the artichokes produced in the U.S.

My original watercolor illustration. 
I drew them in pencil, scanned them, and then painted them.
That way I have two versions, and I really like
the way they look together. 

I put the design on a ceramic tile in my Zazzle shop.
There are a variety of artichoke festivals, one being in
Castroville, CA where the first artichoke shoots
were planted in 1922. 

And on a kitchen towel. 
I like having a variety of kitchen towels
to hang from my stove handle.
A little further reading about artichokes
taught me they are one of the oldest
foods in the world and people
were enjoying them in the 8th century.

This drawing was inspired by an artichoke
flower I bought at the Carson City farmers market
one season. I loved how big, full, and purple it was.
Artichokes are great for the liver so I made an
herbal materia medica study card for it.

Personally, I like the hearts on my sandwiches. 


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