Honey and Hobby Farm Merch

Buying local honey is one of those simple pleasures
and I enjoy it in my tea every day.

I always have a honey jar on my counter from where I live
here in Nevada, but I do have another favorite farm
in Ohio I occasionally buy from.  I enjoy tasting
the different flavors from their region - their buckwheat
honey is really something.

This is a tote designed for a farm to promote
their business.  I envision them being sold by the 
counter where people buy their farm fresh goods.
Wyoming has been on my mind, I guess.
I have family that lives there
and I'm a die-hard Longmire fan . . .

I spent most of my childhood on a farm and 
the pigs were my favorite.  They'd come up 
to the fence and drink out of the hose as I was filling
up their trough.  
 I was a happy farm girl.

I do just really like cats.  



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