Garden Journal Planner Record Logbook

I made my own garden journal this year since
the others I've seen didn't have what I was looking for. 

Since my garden is blooming happily, I've been
busy filling out the pages.  

One of the most important features for me was a place
to draw a sketch of the plant - you could also 
tape a picture in the space.  I also wanted a lot of 
area to write notes. I love to look back at previous
years to see what the growing season was like.
This time of year we usually have quite a few triple
digit days and my garden withers quickly. 
It is thriving this year. I wish I knew what to do 
with all of our plums.

When I was putting the pages together I decided to put in several
blank pages for notes. I didn't really have a purpose or idea
of how I'd use them but I found I like to record the weather
patterns when they change drastically.  
Growing up on a farm everyone paid close attention to the weather
and that has always stayed with me.  

I also put a few informational pages in the back 
with a list of edible flowers, pest resistant plants, etc.
in my Made In Nevada shop



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