Home Means Nevada Coloring Book

My Home Means Nevada coloring book project is finally finished.

I took many of my drawings of Nevada and put them into Photoshop, 
enlarged them, and started making coloring book designs
with my Wacom tablet.  
Many of the designs are combinations of two or three different
drawings.  I really liked being able to change my line width,
erase chunks of design and insert others just where 
I wanted them.

This one is inspired by the Great Reno Balloon Races 
I remember the first year I went I'd just bought a new 
digital camera and was there before the sunrise.
I took over 400 photos in my enthusiasm for this camera
that didn't require film.
But I learned very quickly that when you get home
you have to go through all those hundreds of photos
to see if any of them are any good.

I published the coloring book through Amazon which is pretty 
easy, but I found myself holding my breath getting the alignment
and pages just right for the PDF file. 

There are 26 pages to color in the book and the designs
vary in complexity and detail.



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