Autumn Equinox and Native American Day

Autumn Equinox is September 22, the first day of fall. 
The full moon during this time is called the "Harvest Moon"
since the moon rises around sunset for several nights in a row
which helped the farmers to finish harvesting before the first frosts. 

It's the beginning of blooming asters, colorful leaves, 
pumpkin patches,
football season, and sweater weather.  
I love my sweaters and can't wait to wear them.


Native American day is on the 4th Friday in September
to honor and celebrate the people, their culture, and traditions. 

This holiday dates back to 1939 when the governor of California
dedicated this day as American Indian Day and Nevada did as well.
In 1968, Governor Ronald Reagan made the resolution declaring
the fourth Friday in September Native American Day
and Nevada also made this an official holiday. 



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