Lake Lahontan Watercolor Sketches and Tomatoes

Lake Lahontan is nice and full right now and full of activity.  I took my beach blanket and art tote bag and spent the afternoon sketching.  People in a bright yellow kayak floated around the area I was in for most of the afternoon so I had to sketch it.  Yellow is great.  Plus fish were jumping.  

Practice sketching quickly as the gradually boat sped up.  I'm pretty happy with it. I wish I would have ended up with the boat on the right hand side of the page.  I was really focused on the boat, not my paper I guess . . .  

A nice camping spot on the island across from where I was sitting on the beach.  Last year we could almost walk out to that island the lake was so dry.   

This was my last sketch. My stylized shorebirds.  When I arrived the killdeer birds were frantically running around and making noise and then left.  We've also had some Avocet birds in the area this year.  I think I ended up with a hybrid of both in this drawing. 
Do you collect buttons?  Some people like to collect them or gift them and like their names on them.   Shore Bird Custom Name Button details here.   
A poster of the entire Shore Birds sketch.  I like the peaceful setting.  I like the shade of blue I was able to mix this time.  Seems like each time my shade of blue is different.  I used a mix of cerulean blue and ultramarine and toned it down with sepia and ochre.       

Last evening I had my artwork at a wine tasting event and decided to color one of the pages in my Lila's Garden Coloring Book.  It's been a while since I've colored in it and found it really relaxing.  I need to color more often.   


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