A Visit with a Beekeeper

I went to visit a local beekeeper a few weeks ago and learned a lot.  I like to draw bees and 
it was really interesting seeing them up close.  

This is the first hive we got into and it was a peaceful, busy hive so they weren't bothered when we got in there to look at them.  

Me holding a frame of bees.  They just continued working away while we admired them.  

But this hive was a bit different, it wasn't as peaceful.  Some dead bees in the water and the frames weren't full of working busy bees.  She was inspecting it to see if there was an obvious problem. 

I was lucky taking close pictures of the bees until we got to this hive and I got stung.  They were upset we got in there.  I had my glove off to take the picture and they let me know quickly I was too close :)  I like the picture though and think I got the full experience of visiting a beekeeper.     


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