Silver Saddle Ranch Nevada Photo Walk

Last Saturday's photo walk was at Silver Saddle Ranch near Carson City.  A bright sunny day and no clouds when we started walking. 

I love the red outbuildings.  Quite a few people around hiking and enjoying the weather. 

Some of the tamest cows I've seen.  We gave them a little fresh green grass and they hung around even longer so I could practice photographing them.  Definitely a challenge trying to make a photograph of moving things.  Bright sunlight so I tried out a sepia cast to to this one and thought it turned out okay.      

This cow was funny with his tongue sticking out.  He and a buddy got away from the herd and somehow across the fence. 

I liked this view of the Carson River looking toward the city and the Sierras still dusted with snow.  Late afternoon and the clouds finally started moving in.    


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