Indian Paintbrush and a Wild Horse

 We drove out to Garfield mine near Hawthorne last weekend and I saw a lot of blooming wildflowers.  Lots of Indian Paintbrush.  Beautiful reds.  

A few cactus plants too with some flower buds forming.  They looked nice and healthy with a warm green color.   

Some of the remaining structures at the mine.  I always like to look around and see what they left and imagine what it was like there for whomever worked there.  Hot, dry, dusty probably.  No trees anywhere.   

I found the top of a glass bottle in a beautiful purple color.  The glass is so thick.  I decided to put it in a couple of my pictures.     

Not much wildlife on our trip except for this lone wild horse.  He wasn't skittish and took his time walking away after we noticed him laying down. 

Lots and lots of dandelions too.  They look pretty out in the desert.  The yellow is so bright and cheerful.   


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