Tomato Garden Sketchbook and Bees

I've been keeping a tomato garden sketchbook this summer.  It is a simple red sketchbook the size of a notebook and I've decided to fill it with drawings from my tomato garden.  I call it my tomato garden because it is a small garden and the tomatoes have taken over (good fertilizer this year I guess).  Lots of dragonflies and bees have visited this year.    

Along with my very large cherry tomato plants I have a jalapeno pepper plant, wildflowers  and herbs that have stood their ground and continued to grow ~ crowded to the max and all.   

I scattered coreopsis seeds early in the season and now have them all over.  The bees love them and I finally got a decent picture of one last evening after trying 10+ times.    

My tomatoes.  My best crop yet and they taste pretty good too.  Happy autumn tomorrow!


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