I have a little glass bottle collection and I keep some of the not so precious bottles in the garden for a little decoration, especially in the winter.  We find them here and there and as my collection grows and the nicer bottle stay inside and the others go to the garden and I draw them.  I like to draw outside usually every day, kind of therapeutic and stress relieving.  Sometimes I'll just draw a weed or two, something.  

  I've been working on some collage/mixed media cards this week with a lavender theme.  Some pen and ink spring flowers with watercolor tulips.  I'm getting anxious for spring planting.    

 This one is more of a mystical flower fairy style card, can you see them tucked in there among the flowers?  I don't draw people very much.  It's not relaxing to me, not easy for me I guess.  Need to challenge myself with more people drawing this year.  Maybe... 


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