Root Vegetable Drawing and Petunia Fabric

For the Spoonflower fabric contest this week the subject was "root vegetables" and I entered these that I drew in ink and watercolor. I remember eating a turnip once when I was a little girl and my grandparents let me try it. It is the last time I ate one... :) I do like all the other root veggies that I drew though. I've gotten more fond of vegetables over time.

Onions are fun to draw with their delicate layers and crinkled dry tops. I think I need to draw a purple onion, I love purple. It would be fun to do an onion study with all the different types of onions. Might try that...

Here is another collection of my fabric samples. Petunias, fuchsias and roses. I really made a lot this year. I joined Spoonflower in March and have so many samples to do something with now. I've been color coordinating them and will sew them this winter into something. I could make a very busy quilt...


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