Basil, Tree Branch and Pink Petunias

I used to grow a lot of different varieties of basil and dry it every season. I liked to buy packets of seeds, make my own little pots out of newspaper and plant the seeds in March so they were ready to plant in May. One year I drew my different varieties and the ingredients to make pesto. I miss that and think I need to do that kind of thing again.

Some of the leaves in the neighborhood are starting to turn and fall off. Even little twigs with clusters of leaves. I picked some up the other day and decided to make a little limb bouquet and paint it. It was a challenge to draw the leaves. Great observation exercise.

I saw that Sharpie came out with a new package of very fine tip pens in pink, blue, peach and green. I tried out the pink one on my pink petunias. It was the brightest one of all of them and fun to work with.


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