Pink Petunias and Lake Tahoe Notecard

My flowers are in full bloom. It is still in the 70s here so the flowers are still colorful and healthy looking. A few weeks ago I planted one 4" potted plant with about 3-4 little blooms on it in my old rusted bucket we found out in the desert and it has burst into bloom with loads of flowers. Lovely isn't it!

So excited, we are going on our first camping trip of the year to Lake Tahoe. This is a painting I did two years ago of Fallen Leaf lake while we were on a hike and made it into a notecard. This is a little island in a section of the lake. I look forward to what I find to paint this year. We are hiking a different area and I'm sure when we arrive we'll hear about how active the bears are this year. Maybe I can get a photo of one from a distance...


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