Cosmos, Buttons and Zinnia Notecards

I've been drawing my cosmos a lot lately and there are a lot of ladybugs in my garden this year. I don't know if a neighbor bought some or I just have a lot of bugs for them to eat, but I like having them here. They are such a happy bug. I also found some other things to draw that my husband has found. Some old buttons, the back of a military button and a little key - maybe to a jewelry box or something like that. I like to imagine what it was used for and who had it. Did a young child have a special little box they put things in and what was in there?

This is a watercolor painting I did last year of our zinnias and coreopsis. They were bright and lovely and I hoped to portray that in this notecard for a bright and summery feel. The temperatures are just right, not too hot yet, so being outside is great. Looking forward to taking my kayak out on the lake soon.


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