Chrysanthemum - Asters and a Cat

I always like to grow asters. They are the last to bloom and they bloom for a very long time. They come in lots of colors. I see them at the grocery store a will sometimes buy them there and keep them in the house a while. They are a no fuss flower for me and that is important! Want to spend time painting or drawing them.

Our cat likes to lay in the garden and he has several spots that he has flattened and claimed as his own. He has been sick lately and I was really worried, but he worked his way through what he had and is better now. Very happy.

I have a white aster and like the resemblence to the shasta daisy. I think I will pick up another aster in a vibrant color next time I see them at the store. Hopefully the white and the vibrant color will get along.


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