Amaryllis Flower Meaning

Amaryllis means pride, timidity, splendid beauty. This was another fun flower with mythological connections, it has been a bit since I've run across one with a fun story behind it. The story says that Amaryllis was a shy timid nymph and she fell deeply in love with Alteo who was a shepherd with Herculean strength and the beauty of Apollo. She hoped to win him over with what he wanted most, a unique flower that had never existed before. The oracle of Delphi instructed Amaryllis to appear at Alteo's door for 30 nights piercing her heart with a golden arrow each time. When he finally opened his door there was this lovely crimson flower sprung from the blood of Amaryllis's heart. Such romantic and tragic love!


  1. Funny, you should pick this flower today. My amaryllis is so top heavy she fell over twice yesterday. It is on its sixth bloom, and is absolutely beautiful.

  2. It sounds beautiful. You must have a green thumb! I've not tried to grow one, but you've inspired me.


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