Square Photo Prints and a Black and White

I finally decided to get some prints made of my photographs today.  Walgreens has a nice  square size to choose from.  Took me two years to print out some of my photos.  Think it has taken that long for me to shoot something I thought worth printing.  These are eggs I bought from my neighbor last summer.  She began quickly selling out and they soon became a luxury for me.      

This photo I was experimenting with a texture.  Up close it has some nice swirls and a matte effect.  I wanted to see what it looked like printed out and I like it. 

A goose taking a drink.  I just sat and watched for a bit.  A calm morning with nice reflections.  They say a photographer has to have patience.    

I love milkweed in all its phases of growth.  Interesting plant. 

A desert plant and I used my nifty 50 lens to try and create an interesting background.  

 I shot this poppy when I first got my camera.  I like the light through the petals.   

Some work with still life photos at home.   

And a black and white landscape.  I was really curious to see how my black and white would print out and I'm happy with it.  Inspired to go out and shoot some more.  I watched the biography of Vivian Maier the other day.  She's inspiring too.   


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