Hazen Nevada Afternoon Photo Walk

We went to Hazen last weekend to explore and I took my camera.  There were some nice wispy clouds in the sky and the light wasn't too harsh.  I love finding old things and trying to make an interesting photograph.  I'm working on an illustration project right now and not ready to post any of them yet, so will be posting other things for a bit.   

Abstract paintings haven't interested me much, but abstract photos do.  They make me stop and look and think, "what is that."  Framing is one of my favorite techniques.   

I loved the colors on this old shack.  I also learned a technique on Lynda.com about how to straighten things in your image when the photo is taken at a wide angle.  I was able to straighten the power lines in this photo.  

I also like to take photos of things just how they are when I find them.  This is just part of a license plate and I liked the patina on it.   

Trains go by Hazen frequently and I tried to practice my shutter priority mode with the passing trains, but they didn't work out.  I need a lot more practice :)  So I switched back to aperture priority and worked with a pile of tires l found with the still train in the background.       


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