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Indian Paintbrush, Ellsworth and Ione Nevada

This week I worked on a couple studies of Indian Paintbrush.  I wanted all the focus to be on the flowers so experimented with painting the mountains solid colors and no pattern.   

Zazzle has a nice selection of puzzles now in a variety of sizes with more pieces and updated cuts.  Some with nice big pieces for youngsters, too.   You can click here for details on this puzzle   Click here for my puzzle collection.

Last weekend we went for a drive in search of Ellsworth, Nevada.  It's in a beautiful area with lots of juniper trees tucked way out of the way in some hills  in the middle of nowhere near Gabbs . . .   Sounds like something from the Twilight Zone.

We found a little cluster of cabins and it looks like people have been living here. They have a few signs up here and there including one called, "The Guilty Party" in a tree.  

We came back through Ione, which still has a few residents.  There is a  satellite cable dish on the side of one of the houses.   

This was my favorit…

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