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State Bird Watercolor Illustration Series

Continuing my state bird series, I found Nevada and Idaho both chose the Mountain Bluebird.  Idaho chose the Syringa or Mock-Orange for the state flower. I like  illustrating white flowers trying to mix a subtle grey-lavender for the shadow colors and still leaving most of the flower white to make it stand out.  Click here for State Bird of Idaho items.

The State Bird of Washington is the American Goldfinch also known as Willow Goldfinch and Eastern Goldfinch.  The school children of Washington chose the bird in 1951.  The pink rhododendron "rhodie" was selected for the state flower by the ladies throughout the state. I like how those were chosen.  Click here for State of Washington items.

The State Bird of Oregon is the lovely Western Meadowlark.  This bird was also chosen by the state's school children and is the only state symbol not selected by the state legislature.  The State Flower is the Oregon Grape, which is not a flower but an evergreen shrub.  The berries are edib…

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