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Echinacea In The Language of Flowers

Echinacea is also called coneflower and Sampson root. It is also referred to as "America's favorite native plant." It means  strength and health in the Language of Flowers. It's been said it was discovered by European explorers in the southeastern U.S. in 1699 by Reverend, John Banister who was  sent to Virginia to study American flora and fauna.   Echinacea Thinking of You details here   The Native Americans d iscovered the roots had medicinal benefits.   They used  it for many ailments such as snakebites, toothaches,  wounds, and more. Echniacea Bloom Where You're Planted Tote Details here     It is a really easy plant to grow in the garden and  is described as being "tough as nails" as it will  tolerate drought and is cold hardy in nearly every state. Echinacea Coneflower Business Card details here It attracts pollinators as it creates nectar throughout the day, not just in the morning. The seeds provide a food source for birds

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