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Burros, Mazuma, and a Cemetery

We explored out near Lovelock at Mazuma which was one of the mines in the Seven Troughs area. Mazuma is said to be a Yiddish slang word for money. Mazuma is known for the cloudburst that created a  massive wall of water that destroyed the town in July of 1912. There are lots of burros that live in the area still. I've been able to take pictures of many over the years and they've always been very quiet and just look right at me with curiosity.   Today, I encountered one who grunted at me and let me  know her boundaries (I assume she was female . . .)  Another one peeked over the hill as I walked back down  to make sure I was well on my way. 

Lots of black angus in the area, too.  The burros and the cattle all look robust so I assume there is enough for them to eat.  

This card is an illustration of my imagined ranch in the area. I drew it in sepia  thinking how it may have been a hundred years ago on a stormy day in spring. I made it into a thinking of you and missing you card. Click here for…

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