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State Bird Illustration Series Part Two

The Cactus Wren and saguaro cactus blossom are the state bird and state flower of Arizona.  I learned that cactus wrens are noisy birds that like to announce their presence from the top of cacti.  They are not timid birds and make noise day and night.  They like to build big football size nests in the cacti.  For Cactus Wren items click here 

Lark Bunting and Rocky Mountain Columbine are the state bird and state flower of Colorado. Also know as "The Common Sparrow of The Great Plains".  The male changes his feathers from black and white to greyish brown similar to the female in winter.  For Lark Bunting items click here.

Western Meadowlark and Bitterroot are the state bird and state flower of Montana.  Six states chose the Western Meadowlark for their state bird.  A songbird, the meadowlark is described as having, "a flutelike melody" as compared to "a car trying to start" for the sound of the Cactus Wren above.   For Montana Western Meadowlark items click here.


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