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Riverwalk and Hot August Nights Victorian Square

We drove to Reno last weekend assuming Hot August Nights would be in full swing and it was, but in Virginia City.  So we took a walk along the river instead.    

This is one one of those photos with a surprise in it when you get home. I was so focused on lining up my angles and getting Eldorado placed  where I wanted it that I completely missed the climber on the left. 

An agile kayaker practicing his technique.

And close to Hub Coffee Roasters there are a bunch of  colorful crochet decorations on the tree trunks.   Definitely worth a visit and a good cup of coffee.

This weekend we saw the cars. There were a lot of beautiful mustangs, my favorite classic car.  

This sweet little girl riding in a tiny remote control car with her brother (who seems a bit shy on the other side).  I missed a cute shot of her doing a homecoming queen wave to all of her fans watching as she cruised by.   

A little Hot August Nights humor. 

A self portrait.  If I was really paying attention to details I would've checked t…

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