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Hoye Canyon and Topaz Lake

The sun finally started to shine March 9 so we headed toward  Wellington took Hoye Canyon Rd. to explore.  I like when people leave ornaments like this on sagebrush.  I have a few shots like this in my photo collection.  

We hiked up a mountain and got a good view of the West fork of the Walker River.   

Had lunch at Topaz Lake and lots of people were out getting some sun and trying for fish.  

Someone's artwork on the shore and a couple fisherman at peace. 

We drove to the gateway to Hwy. 89 and since it was closed we took a walk up the road a bit.  In the spirit of Ansel Adams I took a few photos of the mountains and this was my pick of the lot.  I think it looks like the profile of a smiling monster coming out of the mountain frozen in the rocks. I like his teeth.

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