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State Bird Illustration Series Large Birds

I wanted to save a few of the larger birds for their own post.   My favorite is the Willow Ptarmigan.  They change their feathers with the season becoming all white in the winter.  They have  feathered feet  to allow them to walk easily over fresh snow drifts.  A few things I found interesting about Alaska, "The Last Frontier" state:  It is the largest state in the union, twice the size of Texas,  and only 55 miles east of Russia.  Alaska has 3 million lakes, 29 volcanoes, 100,000 glaciers, and 33,000 miles of coastline. What a place.  It was my dad's favorite place he visited and I hope to visit someday, too.   For Alaska Willow Ptarmigan items click here  

From cold Alaska to balmy Hawaii is the Nene also called "Hawaiian Goose"  Hawaii is the only state with the land area gradually increasing  and this is from volcanic eruptions.   It is the southernmost state in the US.  The Big Island of Hawaii is known for having the largest and most active volcano in the world (Kilau…

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