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Pumpkins, Chickens, and Fort Churchill

I'm really looking forward to autumn and it is my favorite season to illustrate.  Pumpkins are my favorite because of their odd shapes and bright orange color and the white of the ghost pumpkin.  This painting was inspired by the pumpkins our local Lattin Farms has each year.   

This painting was inspired by some hens I saw in Hazen one morning.  If you  happen to be in our Fallon, Nevada area you'll drive by Hazen on the way to Reno.  They filmed part of a movie in Hazen called "Kill Me Again" starring Val Kilmer.   

A sketch of one of the buildings still standing at Fort Churchill Nice to visit in autumn when the colors of the desert plants are nice and bright.
A couple items I designed in my Zazzle shop.  This is a ceramic tile.  You can click here for details. A greeting card to send to friends and family for the autumn season. Autumn Greetings card detail here. 

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