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Lake Tahoe Sketching and Lupines

Spent the day in Lake Tahoe to take a break from the triple digit temperature in the Valley. 

I found a spot near Baldwin Beach to sketch.  I had a good view of Mt. Tallac.  Still a few patches of snow at the top.  Someone stopped by and told me they hiked Mt. Tallac a couple weeks prior and ran into snow on their way up.  

Lovely lupines still blooming in the meadows.   I bought a 3" x 9" watercolor sketchbook to paint in.  I liked the odd size and the challenge of making a composition that works.   I thought the lupines would be good to put on the first page.  

There was a bee buzzing about the lupines but my phone camera  wasn't quick enough to capture him.

Mt. Tallac and lupine meadow.  I was sitting by a nesting shed for birds. The mama birds would land on the roof with beaks full of goodies for the babies inside. The mamas would fly inside for feeding time and the babies started chirping  loudly in hunger.  

Later we rode our bikes on the bike path.   This is one of my favorit…

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