Hazen Nevada Morning Photo Walk

We went out to Hazen again last weekend, but in the morning.  I wanted to see what the light would be like.  I liked the shadows much better.  I experimented with color a bit in lightroom.  I didn't want to make the photos all black and white.  I like a little color.  

I found some things I didn't see the week before.  I liked the patterns and shadows on these railroad pieces.  

I've taken pictures of this red house in Hazen several times, but usually up close on the other side of the tracks.  I liked this view, especially with the round red sign.

This reminded me of Easter.  In the background is the same shed I photographed last weekend. 

Again, the same shed but in sepia.  I liked how it turned out in sepia and would be great if there were clouds in the sky.  

Another photo with just a tint of color and the rest sepia.  I thought it worked well for a desert photo.  


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