Soldier's Psalm 91 and Prayer Cards

I like to challenge myself with painting desert sunsets
and let the colors drip into each other. 

I learned about the "Soldier's Psalm" the other day
and decided the sunset painting would pair well with it.
It's said during WWI a commander in the US Army 91st Infantry Division
gave his soldiers a prayer card with the 91:1 Psalm on it.
The soldiers carried the card into battle with them.
Click here for Soldier's Psalm 91 prayer card details

I joined a Psalms Challenge on the Hallow app
to listen to all 150 Psalms in a month.  I kept a journal and 
kept note of those that resonated with me.  
Then I decided to do a small 4" x 6" painting for each of my favorites.

 I ended up with thirty small paintings 
and made them into prayer cards.
I'm slowly listing them in my Zazzle shop
Click here for Psalm 1 scripture prayer card.
I also have a set of prayer cards that you can print at home
and they have a variety of different scriptures as 
well as the some of the Psalms.



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