Bishop and Blind Date with a Book

Back from our annual trip to Bishop, California
and to hike the eastern Sierras.  We were a touch
early for seeing the great colors this year.

A greeting card made from a painting inspired by the photo above.

Dusting of snow on the highest peaks and patches of
ice here and there.  And great clouds. 

Another greeting card inspired by Bishop photos.

We hiked all around the lake this year.  Sometimes the trail
gets very narrow and wanders a bit.  We had to cross two rocky
areas through the water, which I hadn't done in a while.
Keeping the adventurer inside alive and well . . .
Afterward we stopped at Tom's Place Resort 
for coffee and something sweet. 
For a rustic place at the base of the mountain, 
they have the BEST pie I've ever eaten. 
Homemade buttery crust, the whole bit.  

And on our way home we like to stop at Marietta
to see the burros.  They were around this year. And friendly.
There were quite a few and a variety of colors.
This guy was my favorite.  He posed for me for quite a while.
I like his little poof of hair sticking up. 

At Spellbinders bookstore they were doing something
really unique - a blind date with a book. 

I was intrigued and bought one.  Not a very thick book
in case I didn't like it - just like a blind date probably -
have an easy escape plan in place :)
I'm looking forward to reading this though.



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