Partridge in a Pear Tree and Hot August Nights

It's Christmas card design season and I struggle every year
trying to think of something to design other than 
Santa and chubby snowmen. 
This card you can customize with name and relationship.
I loved drawing the partridge.  I didn't realize they were about the
same size as a quail and their egg clutches are
larger than other birds with usually 15 eggs at a time.
Well done!  

And I made things a bit easier on myself by drawing a plant.
I love drawing plants and we saw lots of holly on a 
recent visit to the Washington Park Arboretum.

Here is the artwork I used for the designs.  I like to 
draw the subjects individually and then put them 
together in Photoshop.  That way I can use them in a variety of ways.

I went to the Chalk Art Festival at the Atlantis and this was my 
favorite artwork.  I hope she won an award. 
Watching the artists paint with chalk while on asphalt
bending over for hours at a time . . .
I really admired them.
I'm sure many of the artists who do this kind of work
are beautifying buildings with murals, which seem to be trending now. 

This was my favorite photo I took from Hot August Nights this year.
I've taken photos of this bug before in previous years.
I love street photography and capturing people 
in a relaxed state doing their thing. 
It is really challenging. 
The t-shirts these guys are wearing make the photo, I think.
One of my favorite street photography artists
is Vivian Maier.  So creative and I love her story.  


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