Cemetery and Bishop in Autumn

We stopped at Marietta twice on this trip to Bishop.  
While exploring I found this cemetery.
I love cemeteries/gravestones.    

Chet's buddies left some empty booze bottles on his grave.
I was excited when I saw this and started planning my photo
before even thinking about where I was stepping. 
It's not easy to spot where the mounds are and the paths
in between are usually not obvious.   

Convict Lake is a nice hike this time of year.
If you don't know where the name originates -
some prisoners escaped from the
Nevada State Prison at Carson City 
in September 1871.
Law enforcement finally caught up with them here. 
Pretty impressive distance.

Views from the rock creek trail to Little Lake.

Last year we had snow flurries.  This year it was
really cold starting out, but a beautiful day.
Lots of people out on the trail. 
Boy Scouts getting the instructions from the 
scout master. 
A woman with a group of about ten dogs.
People meditating on the high rocks
overlooking the water. 
Everyone is happy hiking.

On our way home we stop at Marietta again.
I picked a spot in the sand to sketch.
No burros this year.  
We could see some in the distance.
They may have traveled to higher ground
since there were signs of a flash flood. 
Thankfully the little town was spared
but not by much.



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