Best Friends Day, Cactus, Church, Drawings Eleven Twelve

Best Friends Day is on June 8!
If you're lucky enough to have a best friend
this is a great day to let them know how
much you appreciate them.

Number 11 in my 52 week drawing challenge is of
the desert in the southwest.  I love these cacti
and I haven't seen this type up north where I live. 

We visited Laughlin, Nevada last year in 
February and explored some areas of the desert.
Rosemary grows happily down there - such a deep green
and full of the little blue flowers.
And I saw a road runner for the first time ever!  
So exciting. 

Number 12 in my 52 week drawing challenge.
 This is a tiny church in Kingston, Nevada.  
It will hold just a handful of people. 
Now that summer is here I'll probably be
inspired by gardens for a while.



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