Farmhouse, Beach House, Crab, Drawings Nine Ten

We traveled to Washington last year and visited a flower farm
that was in full bloom with rows and rows of lavender 
and a field of wildflowers.    

Very hot there in July, even with a bit of rain.  Some of the
coastal restaurants just closed because they have no air conditioning.
I made this card into a happy home anniversary card

We visited Whidbey Island and spent time on a rocky beach
with beach houses along the hilltops.  I liked this one with the
unique shape and shade of blue.  

It was also made into a custom Happy Home Anniversary card
for real estate offices for their clients.

This was one of the larger crabs we saw on the beach at Whidbey.
Lots of crabs.  The seagulls eat well here.

Some of the lavender and the hay rolls in the distance. 
The flowers were busy with bees.
I'm used to desert landscapes and challenge myself
to find interesting compositions to take photos of.
Being in place like this there is so much to
photograph it presented a new/different challenge for me.   



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