Desert Spring 52 Week Drawing Challenge Six Seven Eight

These are the latest pieces in my 52-week challenge.
I used to like to stop at Hazen to take photos on my way to Reno
before the project of stacking railroad ties there started. 
I'd usually arrive at sunrise and one morning some
hens pecked their way over to where I was shooting.
I liked their variety.

This field of balsam flowers is on the way to the Leadville Mine
in the Black Rock Desert and they bloom around Mother's Day.  
The wildflowers out there
are definitely worth the visit, bit the ticks not so much.  
One spring we explored for the day and had to
pick ticks off our clothes on the way home.
Very creepy to feel one crawling on your skin
or see one in the folds of your clothes.

This is an abandoned ranch in Carroll Summit.
I liked the variety of foliage. The poplars are hardy
considering where they grow there isn't a natural spring
like down below where the wildflowers bloom in abundance. 
I like painting meadows like this.  Getting my paints
very wet and letting the colors bleed together
making puddles and cauliflowers - the things
the books tell you not to do.



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