National Cheese Lover's Day January 20


National Cheese Lover's Day is on January 20.
Cheese has been around for about 7,000 years.

It's said one third of the milk produced in the US 
goes into cheese production.  

Our beloved Wisconsin led the nation in 2019
for making cheese producing an incredible 3.36 billion pounds.
California ranks second with 2.5 billion pounds and 
Idaho is another top producing state.

Mozzarella still ranks #1 as the most popular cheese in America
and cheddar is the most popular in the world. 
Per-capita, France consumes 57.9 lb of cheese a year
and the top ten countries for the most cheese eaten are in Europe.
The US produces the most cheese in the world but only
consumes 34.1 pounds a year per-capita. 

Cheese is an excellent source of calcium and 
enhances many meals.  
On this Cheesy day you could make a fondue,
a fancy cheese plate,
or try a new variety you've never tried before.


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