Eastern Sierras Autumn in Bishop

We like to visit Bishop, California each fall to see the colors. 

And to visit Schat's Bakery and stay at the Creekside Inn.
Both are excellent. Seems there's always a waiting line at the bakery.    

We stopped a few places along the way and I sketched the landscape in bright colors. I used a brown ink pen that wasn't waterproof and had great luck with the bleeding into my other fall colors. Can't use too much water and you get just the right about of color blending.

We hiked up to Rock Creek the day as the atmospheric river was building.
Snow dusting already on the tall peaks and the wind was chilly at times but the trail was still really busy.  The clouds were great.  

We like to hike around Convict Lake also - named after the Nevada State Prison escapees that were found at the lake in the fall of 1871 resulting in a shootout.  
It's quite a trek to this lake from Carson City.     

On our way home we always like to stop at Marietta to see the burros.  
This time there was a baby but I wasn't quick enough and the others got in front
to protect him.  You can see the back of him on the right.    



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