National Pumpkin Day & International Artist Day

Two days in a row we have fun "Celebrate Every Day" holidays
with International Artist Day on October 25
and National Pumpkin Day on October 26 

It's said we probably wouldn't pay too much attention to 
pumpkins if if weren't for Halloween.
But they grow in great sizes and shapes,
come in orange, green, ghost white - 
(some are orange and green and covered in warts)
plus they are really good for you.
You may have fun memories of carving spooky faces,
pumpkin smashing,
eating homemade pumpkin pie for the holidays,
or finding you love pumpkin spice lattes.
Thank goodness for pumpkins.  

Everyone is creative in some way.
Without art and the myriad of ways people express
themselves our world would be very dull indeed.
Bland meals, no flowers, blank walls 
just to mention very few.

Being creative is good for you as well.

This holiday was started in 2004 to honor all 
artists and their creative contributions.
And it falls on Pablo Picasso's birthday.  




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