Autumn Hike, Forest Floor and a Pillow

A few weeks ago we hiked to Marlette Lake.  A hike we try to do every year.   

The leaves were just starting to turn and beautifully free of spots and crinkling.

Remnants from summer camp maybe.  There were a few decorations here and there on some trees along the road up to the lake.    

The hike inspired me to make autumn forest floor theme illustrations.  I wanted to include snails since I don't see them in the desert.  I like their swirls and antennae.      

Golden leaves, pine cones and a variety of mushrooms.  

Here's the the pattern I designed on a pillow.  I included pebbles, lichen, spatter and spots to fill in the background.  

Autumn kitchen towels.  I have a weakness for kitchen towels. I love to collect them and use them for holidays and the changing seasons. 


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