Lake Shore Bird Sketches

Last Saturday I went to Virginia Lake to sketch the shore birds. 
I spent the morning sketching and observing the birds.  I was surprised at how much the ducks remind me of cats.  They curl themselves up to sleep, tuck their beaks into their feathers, exhale deeply and rest.  While I was there most of the ducks were curled up even with children there throwing nice chunks of bread. The geese were happy though.    

I watched the pigeons for a while.  High energy birds.  I liked their feather patterns.  Easily startled and fly away in a group and swoop back over their area resting and exploring again.       

I liked this unique bird shaped like a penguin.  I'll have to investigate what kind he is.  
I made the sketches into a pattern to put on items in my Zazzle shop.  Tote bags are one of my favorite items to design.  You can click here to see it in my shop. 

These all over print tank tops are new this year too.  

And a fleece blanket.  Nice for the colder months approaching. 


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