Carnelian Bay Plein Air Painting and Loons

Monday we went plein air painting at Carnelian Bay.  A wonderful calm morning.  Lots of people heading out on their boats.  The geese were keeping watch along the shore when we first arrived.  

The highlight of my morning was seeing this mama loon and her babies floating by.  They'd scamper up her back for a ride, take turns doing this and floated along behind her.  Not much worried them. 

My first painting of some of the boats in the marina.  A touch of snow on the distant mountains still. 

Right next to the rock I was sitting on were some really pretty tall purple lupines and an evergreen bush with small pinecones.   

My painting of the only sailboat in the marina.  All the rest were speedboats.  Several bushes of white yarrow in full bloom.  A nice morning to be out painting. 


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