Fallon Nevada Sunrise Photo Walk

Last weeks photo practice suggestion from Anne McKinnell was photographing your hometown.  I've photographed Fallon a few times in different seasons, usually summer.  So this is what a February morning looks like from my camera.  This is the courthouse, one of my favorite buildings in town.  

The Fallon Community Theater.  It is one of Nevada's oldest theaters and has been here since 1920. 

The Overland Hotel and Saloon built in 1908.  

This is the Oats Park School built in 1914.  Now it is The Oats Park Art Center where concerts and art shows are held.  A very fun place to go, one of my favorites. 

Two vintage signs put up next to the Oats Park Art Center a few years ago.  They look great at night lit up in their neon colors.  

The Douglass Mansion, also known as The Pink House, built in 1904.  Lovely example of Queen Anne architecture.  

One of my favorite views of town.  This is from Millennium Park near the Courtyard Cafe, which is a fabulous place to eat.     

I drove out Wildes Road to see the raptor bird nests, which are very active right now.  My zoom didn't get as close as I would've liked.  All those birds in one tree is awesome to see and I love to listen to them.  They're saying we should have more water this year from the good storms in the sierras so hopefully we'll have more birds this year too.   


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